Afghan Delegates Visit Institute of Business Management, Karachi, Pakistan

During the third meeting of the Pakistan Afghanistan Joint Committee (PAJC), held at Karachi, as part of outreach and university interaction planned for the group, one member each from the PAJC visited the Institute of Business Management (IoBM) on Wednesday, January 11, 2017. The Pakistani speaker was Member of National Assembly of Pakistan, Ms. Shazia Marri, while the Afghan speaker was former Deputy Minister for Commerce and Trade of Afghanistan, Mr. Mozammil Shinwari. Both spoke on “Pak-Afghan relations: Countering Misperceptions and Negative Narratives”. Project Director for Beyond Boundaries, Mr. Aized Ali represented CRSS.

The group members were welcomed by Dr. Talat Wizarat, Head of Social Sciences Department, and Mr. Talib Karim, Rector and Executive Director. Dr. Wizarat introduced the two distinguished members from Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Mr. Ali gave a brief presentation on the project Beyond Boundaries, including phase one and the current phase two, and the project activities held so far through track II dialogues and other important sideline strategic meetings, to improve bilateral relations through such people to people contacts at civil society levels. There were about 35-40 students and faculty members of IoBM.

About CRSS University Outreach: As part of CRSS efforts to promote people to people contact, especially engaging the youth of both countries,  the Beyond Boundaries track 1.5/II project undertaken by Center for Research and Security Studies, Islamabad (CRSS) also comprised university visits. In this connection, Pakistan-Afghanistan Joint Committee members from parliament and the civil society from both countries visited universities in Pakistan and Afghanistan to bridge the gulf of mistrust between the two peoples and foster friendly relations.

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