Pak-Afghan Delegates’ Lecture at Ibn-i-Sina University, Kabul

The Pakistan Afghanistan Joint Committee (PAJC) members from Pakistan visited the Ibn-i-Sina University in Kabul for lectures on the theme of “The need for dialogue among Pakistan and Afghanistan to address the security challenges in both the countries”.

The lectures/ presentations were followed by an interactive discussion with the university students. The students were of the view that there were several problems in the relations between the two countries and these issues should be discussed from the general public’s perspective. We should be given real facts and the two sides must consider and discuss the real problems deterring the bilateral relations. The students also underpinned the need for ameliorating the trust deficit between the two countries and fostering the people to people contacts. They also highlighted the issue of unequal distribution of wealth in both countries and the need to take actions against terrorists indiscriminately.

About CRSS University Outreach: As part of CRSS efforts to promote people to people contact, especially engaging the youth of both countries,  the Beyond Boundaries track 1.5/II project undertaken by Center for Research and Security Studies, Islamabad (CRSS) also comprised university visits. In this connection, Pakistan-Afghanistan Joint Committee members from parliament and the civil society from both countries visited universities in Pakistan and Afghanistan to bridge the gulf of mistrust between the two peoples and foster friendly relations.

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