Pak-Afghan Delegates’ Lecture at Gowharshad University, Kabul

The Pakistan Afghanistan Joint Committee (PAJC) members from Pakistan visited the Gowharshad University in Kabul for lectures on the theme of “The need for dialogue among Pakistan and Afghanistan to address the security challenges in both the countries”.

Qazi Humayun, former Pakistani ambassador, said that it was quite unfortunate how the incidents in both countries claim the lives of innocents. Pak-Afghan relations will be determined by the younger generation. The people of both countries have a great and deep emotional connection with each other. We are neighbours with many commonalities, and we cannot wish away each other.

Mian Sanaullah, former Pakistani ambassador, said that the two countries will sink together or swim together. There have been some positive developments during our stay here. We need to jointly defeat these terrorists. The media in both countries should be responsible and should not do negative journalism.

About CRSS University Outreach: As part of CRSS efforts to promote people to people contact, especially engaging the youth of both countries,  the Beyond Boundaries track 1.5/II project undertaken by Center for Research and Security Studies, Islamabad (CRSS) also comprised university visits. In this connection, Pakistan-Afghanistan Joint Committee members from parliament and the civil society from both countries visited universities in Pakistan and Afghanistan to bridge the gulf of mistrust between the two peoples and foster friendly relations.

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