Feroz participated as a delegate in Af-Pak Youth Dialogue organized by PEAD Foundation in Pakistan.

Pakistan, the heaven and hell for Afghans.

After the withdrawal of the Soviet Union, and the breakout of a civil war in Afghanistan, nearly all the infrastructure in Afghanistan was destroyed and almost all the educated people of the country fled from war. Among all the hopelessness, there was only one country that appeared as a safe haven for Afghans, and that was Pakistan. Millions of Afghans traveled as refugees to the country for which their country had given sacrifice for; and the people of Pakistan wholeheartedly welcomed them. Due to the lack of services, Afghans who had decided to stay in Afghanistan through the war also started traveling to Pakistan for different purposes, such as for medical treatment, purchasing goods, mostly jewelry and other important things for weddings. Nearly 80% of the country was using Pakistani products, because there were no factories left after civil war in Afghanistan. In short, the Afghans found a safe haven for living in Pakistan. 

I got the chance to visit this country of love after seven years as a delegate in Af-Pak Youth Dialogue where eight delegates from Afghanistan came together with active youth from Pakistan to find solutions for the problems and misunderstanding between the civilians of both countries. As a result of the dialogue, I came to realize that there is no problem among the citizens, but the governments. I found the Pakistani nation exactly like the Afghans, full of love, respect and empathy. Unfortunately, the policies which lead to the killing of innocent lives in both countries is what I found hurtful. Most Afghans have a love relation with the Pakistani nation. The main problem that lies is between their policy makers. 

I think the Pakistani government could use different methods to support peace in Afghanistan, such as bringing the terrorist groups to the negotiation table or at least not providing them a shelter in Pakistan. To conclude my points, during my stay in Pakistan, I loved the country and the very warm-hearted Pakistani citizens. As an Afghan citizen, I will always be fond with the love we have received from the Pakistani nation and I want to mention that it’s up to the governments of both countries how they choose to live with each other; whether as neighbors, brothers or adversaries.


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