“Workshops and dialogues like the ones by CRSS and other similar opportunities can create a conducive environment for improving bilateral relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan and help reduce misconceptions.”

– Uzair Shagiwal, Afghanistan ​

“Activities like these can create a positive environment between Pakistan and Afghanistan for friendly co-existence.”

– Ehsan Ullah, Kabul, Afghanistan

“I will request the youth of both countries to engage in such mutual activities to form and act as a pressure group, that can push for positivity.”

– Zabih Ullah, Kabul, Afghanistan

“I have been in Pakistan for last six years. I have observed that the education systems of both Pakistan and Afghanistan do not provide any effective platform for youth to engage in positive endeavors. Hence, such initiatives can play a significant role in improving Pak-Afghan relation by engaging youth of the two nations”.

– Asad Khan, Kabul, Afghanistan

“I thank CRSS for providing such platforms, where youth of Pakistan and Afghanistan can discuss the issues that affect them.”

– Jamshed Ali, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

“The relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan should be determined by geo-economics rather than geo-politics.”

– Sarfaraz Ahmad Orakzai, Peshawar, Pakistan

“Pakistan and Afghanistan have to fight together against the common enemy i.e. terrorism. Together we can harness peace.”

– M. Zeeshan Khan, Lakki Marwat, Pakistan

“The youth of Pakistan and Afghanistan should sit together and sort mutual issues through dialogues.”

– Abdul Sattar Tareen, Quetta, Pakistan

“Pak-Afghan youth dialogues can play a good role in bringing positive change. Youth mobilization is the need of time.”

– Saba Noureen, Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan.

“I see CRSS’ Afghan Studies Center initiative as the best platform for the youth of both sides to engage for a positive change. We (youth) are the future.”

 – Iqra Safdar, Haripur, Pakistan.

“Afghan Studies Center is playing a very constructive role. These dialogues can be very helpful in improving and understanding each-other’s perspective.”

 – Iqra Yasmeen, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

“Afghanistan and Pakistan share many things, which other nations do not. Since 9/11 the relations between the two countries have deteriorated. However, trade, culture and sports are  the key areas through which peace can be promoted.”

– Amjad Ali Khan, Swat, Pakistan.