Who Are We?

Welcome to the Afghan Studies Center (ASC), Islamabad, Pakistan.

The Afghan Studies Center is an initiative by the Center for Research and Security Studies, Islamabad – an independent and non-profit think tank and advocacy center – to promote academic, cultural and sports exchanges between the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

We, at the Afghan Studies Center, believe Pakistan and Afghanistan have inherited a shared history, culture, religion and ethnic traditions. However, unfortunately, the relations between two neighbors have remained strained, principally at the state level, inhibiting both from reaching out to make the most of each other’s strengths.

In this connection, the Center for Research and Security Studies (CRSS) felt the need to reduce some of the hostility through positive people to people contact from both sides of the border to address the issue of trust deficit between the two neighbors.

The primary objective of the ASC is to encourage peaceful co-existence based on universal values of neighborhood. By providing a platform for the youth of the two countries to interact, exchange ideas and engage in joint research ventures, the center aspires for peace through an informed discourse between the two peoples. The initiative is especially focused on helping the youth become messengers of peace and cooperation beyond boundaries.

Our Objectives

The center wishes to achieve its mission through the following objectives:

  • Promoting people to people contacts between Pakistan and Afghanistan
  • Afghan Youth empowerment and capacity building
  • Promoting an informed discourse on political, economic and cultural issues
  • Research
  • Media engagement & cooperation
  • Promotion of sports & culture
  • Promote bilateral trade
  • Promote social sector cooperation (health/education)